Subscriber Options

1. Contact a Subscriber Manager

Community shared solar developers often work with subscriber managers to enroll customers and handle billing. Click here for a list of subscriber managers serving the NYC market*.

*NOTE: The list of Subscriber Managers is provided as an informational source only. The publication of this list by Sustainable CUNY should not be considered in any way to be an endorsement, recommendation or promotion, either expressed or implied, of any of the Subscriber Managers listed. Accordingly, it is the customer's sole responsibility to investigate and determine the technical capabilities and reliability of any Subscriber Manager prior to entering into a contract for services provided by that firm. This listing is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of qualified Subscriber Managers.

2. Search our Interactive Map

Clicking on each dot reveals the system’s zip code, size and developer, with a link to the developer’s website. Please note that some CSS systems are site-specific and do not accept external subscribers.

Active Community Shared Solar Projects

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