Two Paths to Solar in CB6:

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Best for renters or those without roofs

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Community Shared Solar is Solar for All

Community shared solar is a win-win opportunity to expand access to solar electricity to all, giving anyone interested in benefiting from solar energy the ability to do so.

The Shared Solar NYC Gateway enables community shared solar to expand throughout NYC. It solves the challenge of connecting interested customers with viable host sites built by trusted developers.

Anyone can participate in community shared solar in NYC! Subscribers can own their home, be a renter, or be a tenant in a public housing facility.  By signing up for a community shared solar system, participants subscribe to a solar energy system and receive credit on their energy bills. Property owners who agree to host community shared solar systems both earn money from lease payments and support the community; and, they do not even have to pay for the system themselves. Developers access customers more efficiently and spread solar more quickly.

Community Shared Solar is Solar for All


Select "Host" if you own a large commercial space in NYC and are interested in hosting a community shared solar array.

Select "Develop" if you are a shared solar developer interested in constructing, owning and maintaining a community shared solar array.

Select "Subscribe" if you are interested in purchasing shares of a community shared solar array.


Lease your roof space to generate revenue

  • Property tax abatement up to $250,000
  • Bids from vetted contractors
  • Support clean energy in your community


Apply to become a developer partner

  • Connect with interested host sites
  • Find subscribers
  • Solar Ombudsmen support


Sign up for community shared solar

  • Save on energy bills
  • Go green
  • No roof required